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We have a huge array of custom tooling specially designed for guitar repairs. You're grandad's old screwdriver can't fix it all....

Tooling is an essential part of any workshop. We take pride in our tools and have refined our skill sets along with our tooling over the years.

Below is a portfolio of some of our custom tools and what they are used for.

  • Nut Files & Clamps

    We use custom files to cut our nut slots along with this incredibly handy clamp that sets the height using feeler guage.

  • Digital Height Gauge

    This tool lets us tell how high the strings are off the fret. This allows us to measure to .000 mm

  • Brass Capped Saw

    Great for everything! These saw's cut like butter and are super smooth

  • Bush Removers

    Handmade by ourselves, nothing can remove bushes like this! Tune-o-Matic's don't stand a chance.

Taylor Valve Tester

Fully rewired and functioning. This piece of equipment tests the integrity of valves and the voltages that can pass through them. We still use this for our restoration jobs.

  • Pull Saws

    These ones are Stew Mac and they work a treat. Pull saws are great for getting nut slots started and these blades a sized just for that, each one the thickness of commonly used string gauges.

  • Feeler Gauges

    Ye Ol' Trustey! Been around since the Victorian period and for good reason. These little strips of metal gradually increase in thickness. Used for very accurate measuring.

  • Shinto Saw Rasp

    Eat wood like a beaver with this Shinto Saw Rasp. It's a bit ferocious for small jobs but for the more creative jobs it's one that deserves the space on the tool wall.

  • Gouges

    Gouges are concaved chisels used for roughing or removing a lot of meterial. These are great for many jobs like making a replacement brace.


We use soldering stations that can regulate heat up to 500 degrees celcius. This makes for very fast and efficient soldering jobs and with a massive reduction in potential cold joints.These stations also come with hot air guns which is perfect for removing solder or installing heat shrink. The hot air gun can also restore cold or broken solder joints in no time at all!


Our fret tools are replaced often and sharpened often! We use stainless steel frets as standard and the commonly seen fret tools just wont cut the mustard!
Our tang nibbler is the one exception, it's not the most expensive but we got lucky and it's lasted years!

  • Braddles

    We love a good Braddle! This isn't even half of them, yeh we use them a lot... They poke stuff!

  • Radius Blocks

    These are pieces of wood with a concaved radius on one side. We have a massive selection of these for every radius under the sun. For levelling fretboards to a radius, you can't get any better.

  • Reemers

    Reemer's are long meant for expanding holes or making them conical. These are perfect for tidying up any drill holes for instance on jack socket or machine head installations.

  • Files

    Just a small selection of our many differant files. We probably have hundereds... Super handy for so many different jobs and you want every size available. Otherwise the one you need is the one you don't have.

  • Fret Edge Files

    We have a pretty wide selection of fret edge and fret files. These being the most ledgeable. Used thoughout the fretting process.

  • Levelling Beams

    Used for sanding a surface down to an even level. You wouldn't be able to do a refret without these. These are crucial in both levelling the freboard and the frets.

  • Radius Gauges

    For measuring the radius of any part of the guitar. You can measure the radius of the fretboard and frets with the strings still attached.

  • Cleat Puller

    Homemade and it shows but this little tool has done some amazing work restoring cracks in acoustic guitars!

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